Meet Olivia Cookfair...

a 21 year old InDesign junkie who’s obsessed with sheepadoodles. But, I suppose if you want to learn more you can read on…

Media Arts and Technology is not just a major, or a career path, it’s a passion. But what even is that, you ask? I think my classmates and I are still trying to figure that out.

For as long as I can remember I have been interested in the fields of media arts and digital imaging. Even as a small 5th grade child I would never hand in a report without a customized cover. Over the years I’ve spent hours learning and watching endless tutorials, practicing with as much software as I could get my hands on. Against my mother’s wishes, at around 12 or 13 years of age, I made a MySpace for designing and making layouts for others on the web. I remember stating that when I grew up I wanted to be "the one that makes Miley Cyrus' legs look thinner on a cover of a magazine".

Whether it be my photography internship, a design class, or that night in high school I stayed up til 2am figuring out how to Photoshop a friend into a Justin Bieber photo, I am always trying to learn more, always interested in what’s next. Why have someone else do something for you, when you could learn to do it yourself?

I’ve always told myself to never settle, do something you love, and shoot for the stars. Along with hard work and lots of ambition I believe this is why I was chosen as one of RIT’s Outstanding Undergraduate Scholars.

The Media Arts and Technology program at RIT has everything I was looking for and then some. Working with the Adobe Suite has helped me combine many of my talents and dreams. I cannot only process and organize my photos in Bridge or Lightroom, but can also import them into Photoshop and edit them. From there I can move them to InDesign, even pulling from Illustrator and other programs to create a print piece. In my final year I have expanded my skill set even further into the software and myself, learning to bring my InDesign documents to ePub and DPS.

I’m Olivia Cookfair, and I’m a Media Architect.